Ben Higgins. Season 20. 2016. Lauren B.

Lauren B

That’s the short of it, my prediction of the final rose recipient. Just go to :20 in this video below. First impressions are everything and I could tell in the way Ben reacted when he saw Lauren B. that he would be choosing her.


I may not be a professional matchmaker yet, but I have a lot of confidence in my decision. My top 3 (in the slight chance I may be off) are Lauren B., Olivia and Caila. Olivia because she’s a beautiful TV anchor with a lot more to offer than just good looks. Stalk her Instagram here. Caila because she’s also a quirky, fun, playful, borderline dorky software sales rep like Ben. All three of these women seem to fit Ben’s style. He needs a woman with a down-to-earth personalty who has a sense of reality. He seems less drawn to the flashy, ditzy, Instagram model, bottle service hopping twenty-somethings. Not to say that no men like women like that – trust me, I know some do. But these three I have chosen appear to be above the other women in that they haven’t been sucked into the Hollywood reality-scripted-TV-persona that many of the other women have already portrayed.

You might ask why this matters and who cares? Well, let’s just say post-grad life (it’s almost been two years) becomes less exciting when it comes to extracurricular activities. I don’t get home until the sun is down (cross off any fun outdoor activities) and bar hopping during the week, [despite the instant FOMO I feel deep in my soul every time Drake tells me I should be going up on a Tuesday], is just not in the books for me anymore. So to make my week more exciting this winter, I chose to follow a dating reality show on my Mondays because it’s fun to make fun of people, it’s fun to play a guessing game, and it’s fun to be right. Which I will be when Lauren B wins the Bachelor!!!

Wanna become a super freak and fill out a fantasy draft for this life changing show? Go to the link here, let’s compare players. That’s enough for now. PS Tell me who you’re guessing is going to win!




Lauren B