Okay ya’ll – I have a confession. Clearly, you can see I caved and decided to try out not one, but TWO of Kylie Jenner’s lip colors: Koko K & Kristen. After trying both colors last night for the very first time, I have to admit that I am in LOVE with this product.



To be honest [brutally honest :)], when this line first launched, I thought it looked cheap and was just another scheme for the Kardashian family to generate income with their name attached to a product. But after testing the two colors and wearing Koko K all day today, I am definitely a believer in this product. I can’t wait to purchase more colors!

First of all, the color goes on so smoothly and the color is very, what’s the word, rich? The consistency is just the right amount of gloss that dries into a gorgeous matte finish. I also was surprised that when I came home today, it was still on! This was a shock only because I haven’t seen the product to be marketed as “long lasting”.

Second of all, I am so relieved to have found a product that works with my skin type and tone. I have tried endless products and have found issues with every single lip color out there. They either don’t stay on, are too dark, are too light or chap my lips.

But this product hit all the right notes: enough color without being overbearing, smooth to put on, doesn’t chap my lips, matches my skin tone nicely and goes on easily.

If you’re thinking about trying her new line out, I HIGHLY recommend. Just try one. $29 can seem steep, but it’s so worth it and you can make it last.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet – let me know what you think about this line and how it compares to other lip sticks you’ve tried. I love hearing about new beauty products, so please share if you have any that you can’t live without!

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