I think it’s safe to say that fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year to shop for clothes. There’s something about booties, skinny jeans, and sweaters that make life seem so good and well put together.

Not to mention, on colder nights you can find me wrapped up in a blanket, catching up on Real Housewives and scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration and connecting with others for hours. Please tell me I’m not alone in this…

Slowing Down + Doing You

One of my challenges for you (and truthfully myself) this week is to step back, decompress and dedicate some time to doing what makes you happy.

This could be blogging, doing yoga, working out, singing, playing music, watching your favorite show, crafting, building, designing, reading, writing, ANYTHING really.

Life goes by SO fast, and the older we get, the faster the time passes. I’ve taken on several personal challenges and changes in many aspects of my life, and this weekend I hit my first real breaking point.

More on that later, but we all have a limit. This is your simple reminder that it’s okay to not say yes to everything and it’s okay to not be AMAZING at everything.

One of the things I’ve stepped away from over the past few months is my blog. I am a creative person that is very passionate about writing, music and all things that leave others (myself included) feeling good.

Whenever I don’t take the time to express myself in a creative way, my soul slowly starts to shrink.

I have a new goal in place to start dedicating more time to doing the things I love. This week I have a date with myself almost every evening after work to focus on those things.

Sometimes it’s okay to take a mental step back and put yourself first. Money, careers, relationship, and commitments take you away from that. But try to give yourself some space and flexibility this week. It’ll be worth it, promise!

November Target Haul

To be honest, I had no plans to raid the clothing section in Target today. However, right when I walked into the store, the women’s clothing section was so in my face. I couldn’t pass it up!

There was so much velvet, choker-styled tops and dresses, sweaters and jeans that I just had to see what they looked like in the dressing room!

I ended up selecting several easy, comfortable, day to day looks with one option that could work for a Christmas or Holiday party! At more relaxed offices, many of you fashionably casual ladies could wear these looks to work (we are allowed to wear jeans at my job – praise the lord!).

Normally I would try to get better, more styled photos to show off my favorite picks. But this was very (last minute) and #candid, so I decided to use the photos from my Instagram story. Side note – follow me here for blog updates on Insta!

Question – do ya’ll like Snapchat stories or Instagram stories better? I might run a poll on this later actually..

Let me know which ones are your faves, and check out the coupons and discounts Target is currently offering this week below!

***Disclaimer: the shoes I’m wearing is what I wore to the store and I personally wouldn’t pair them with #2, #3 or #5.

Outfit #1

Sweater: Chenille Open Cardigan  |  Top: Turtle Neck Sweater  |  Jeans: Women’s Curvy Denim Jeans

Outfit #2

Top: Velvet Cold Shoulder  |  Pants: High Rise Jeggings with Tuxedo Stripe

Outfit #3:

Top: Embroidered Velvet Peasant Top  |  Jeans: Mid-rise Jeggings Dark Wash

Outfit #4:

Sweater: Chunky Cardigan  |  Top: Crew T-Shirt  |  Jeans: Mid-rise Jeggings Dark Wash

Outfit #5:

Top: Short Sleeved Oversized Peplum  |  Jeans: Women’s Curvy Denim Jeans

Savings, Savings, Savings!!

Current Target Discounts:

$10 giftcard with any $40 clothing purchase (just text STYLE to Target or 827438)

20% off all women’s jeans

20% off all shoes

P.S. on Black Friday, Target usually discounts ALL clothes 30-50% off. If you are a crazy money saving lover like me, I’ll see you there either Thursday evening or Friday morning after Thanksgiving!

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