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Inspiring millennial women to live their best life through trendy fashion finds, exceptional health, an exhilerating career and self love. 

In 2014, this blog was established as a portfolio to help me land a job in public relations. Since then, the blog has gone through many changes and pivots, but what’s important is that I started. I went for it with NO idea what I was doing.  

TCM is focused solely on the reader: the millennial woman who is passionate about finding personal peace while growing your family & career. Here we provide you with the tools and tips needed to practice a life of abundance.

The Modern Millennial. 

One thing we can all agree on is this: things have evolved in a short amount of time. In less than 100 years, most women are working for income, and we are loving it. Not only has there been a 53% increase in women who work since the 70s, but more women today are becoming serial entrepreneurs. The internet has given us instant access to free information, has granted instant connections to people across the world through social media, all while making it easier than ever to pursue our dreams. With the freedom and flexibility to design a life we love, chasing after a dream career seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. 

Curated Content 

Let’s get our hands dirty and dig into the meat of this blog: fashion, career, health, lifestyle, travel, and more. The content you’ll find at The Candid Millennial has been carefully selected and curated to fit the common topics discussed among motivated millennial women. How do I remain inspired during a lull? (career)? What’s the latest summer trend (fashion)? How can I naturally regulate my anxiety (health)? We get into it ALL because for us, it ALL matters. I’m here to be a CANDID voice in all that’s involved in thriving in today’s technology forward world. 


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Mary Robb


Dallas, Texas