Gifting Beauty Essentials: 6 Make Up Must-Haves

There’s nothing better than getting brand new makeup as a gift! It’s such a fun surprise, from the packaging, to the beautiful design of the product, to applying it and seeing what it looks like when you put it on your skin!

Whether you’re looking for something for your best friend, sister, mom or aunt, adding one or two of your favorite makeup items or brands to your gift is simply thoughtful and fun.

I’ve rounded up a few of my must-have beauty items that I use every single day to help get you started on the best gifts for your babes!

bareMinerals Foundation

I have been a HUGE bareMinerals fan since I was in middle school. It covers anything that pops up, whether it’s blackheads, pimples or dark circles all without leaving too much residue.

My skin is oily and doesn’t do well with liquid foundation. I love how the powder is made with natural minerals so I don’t feel too bad about wearing make up every day. I use one of their newer shades “soft medium”. To buy, click here.

bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush

This brush works perfectly with the bareMinerals foundation. I turn my foundation jar over, tap it lightly several times to get the powder out from the dispenser, then I turn it back around and get out my brush.

From there, I swirl the brush in the foundation and tap it on the edge to remove any excess. Then I apply to my face. I do this 2-3 times depending on how much coverage I want.

This foundation and brush is perfect for the girlfriend or sister who loves a natural, sunkissed look! To buy, click here.

bareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lip-Gloss, Heartbreaker

I have experimented with SO many lip colors, lipsticks and lip glosses over the years. Between MAC, Kyle, Lipsense, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy and several others, my all time favorite gloss is the bareMinerals lip gloss line.

The scent is refreshing and the consistency is thick, leaving almost a stain when the gloss starts to wear off. Lip color looks good on everyone, and this lip gloss is an instant hit! To buy, click here.

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer

Ya’ll – I added this primer to my make up routine a little over a year ago and it seriously changed the game on my face of flaws. But really – I can’t believe I went almost 25 years without using this primer! To buy, click here.

It covers large pores (which I, unfortunately, am genetically blessed with) and acts almost as a concealer. It also helps my powder foundation stay in place throughout the entire day. Surprising your best girlfriend or mom with this primer could be a serious lifesaver that they didn’t even know existed!!

Trish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper

Oh the brows – I’ll admit I’ve definitely experimented a bit much with the brows. I love make up tutorials on YouTube but my brows are naturally thick and out of control, so some of the products I used to use were a bit overkill.

I love this brow pencil because it allows you to draw very fine, hair-like (is that a word?!) lines on your brows where you need to just barely fill them in.

I also draw a little stronger arch at the top. Trish McEvoy is quickly becoming a fave make up brand for me. Your gals are sure to love this brow pencil! To buy, click here.

Benefit Roller Lash

I saved the best for last ūüôā this picture doesn’t even do it justice, but this is my ALL TIME favorite mascara. I have been dedicated the the Maybelline pink bottle $4 mascara my entire life, even after trying the more expensive brands, but this pink and black bottle of magic does everything I need it to do: curls, lifts and adds volume. The only thing I hate is that I run out typically after one month. I spend about 5-7 minutes applying it (on a good day) which is probably why I run out so fast! #mascarajunkie To buy, click here.

I hope this was a helpful guide for you all to get some ideas on what to gift the beautiful ladies in your life. What’s your favorite beauty item? What make up item can you simply not live without?

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5 Fall Outfits Under $100 + Slowing Down – Instagram Story Edition

I think it’s safe to say that fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year to shop for clothes. There’s something about¬†booties, skinny jeans, and sweaters that make life seem so good and well put together.

Not to mention, on colder nights you can find me wrapped up in a blanket, catching up on Real Housewives and scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration and connecting with others for hours. Please tell me I’m not alone in this…

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10 Ways Dallas Can Help Houston #TexasStrong

Happy Labor Day my loves! Sorry I’ve been MIA since June. I started a new job and 100% of my focus has shifted to learning how to succeed in sales. More to come later this year! After the devastation from Hurricane Harvey was revealed, I felt it was my duty as a blogger to get a message out about how people in Dallas can help.¬†

Our hearts sank last week whenever category 4 hurricane Harvey hit our beloved Houston. Images and videos of the devastation continue to pour in as our state has come together to pick up the pieces. While a natural disaster is never easy, members of communities all around didn’t hesitate in helping each other out. During a time of scary and sometimes violent disagreements, radical racism and political madness, it seems most people were able to put their opinions aside as we were forced to come together and get through this as One.

We have just begun our recovery efforts, and we have a long ways to go. If you haven’t found the right avenue to volunteer with or donate to, I hope to provide several options to suit any of your philanthropic desires. Houston needs us for months to come. I decided to donate money because right now I have barely enough time to wash my hair, so I simply encourage ya’ll to just do what you can.

Not into people? Help the dogs! Not into giving away money? Volunteer! Wish you had a full understanding of where your donation was going? Give supplies instead of money. Honestly, there’s something for everyone and it’s important that in times of need, we ALL step up to the plate and contribute. Every effort counts.

*Spread the news about how to give back by hashtagging all social media posts: #TexasStrong #TexansHelpingTexans #HoustonStrong #HarveyRelief

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How I Lost A Ton of Weight With the 24 Day Challenge

Yesterday I found the perfect message painted on the wall of one of our local favorites. Te quiero mucho! I love you! Body love, self love, and love for others is what makes this world go round ūüôā

Candid Moment: Final Thoughts On The 24 Day Challenge

First, I just wanted to say I’m sorry it’s taken a few weeks to write this final post! I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts so that I could write a post that meaningfully explains my¬†experience during those short 24 days in April.

When I start to think about how I feel now that the challenge is over, one word comes to mind. And that word is peace.

I lost a ton of weight. This weight is not the kind of weight that I carry in my hips or thighs. I carried an excess of weight in my head: negative thoughts, doubts, fears and insecurities.

Now that this challenge is over, I am finally at peace with my body for the first time. I am at peace with the fact that I have a perfectly unperfect body. And that is just okay with me.

In all reality, I did lose five physical pounds on this challenge. But after it was over, I was thankful for my body and what it is capable of.

Before diving in too deep, I wanted to share a few lessons I learned and am still learning after this challenge.

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24 Day Challenge: Week 3 Recap + Advocare Supplements + Workouts

Holy moly… I can’t believe it’s already been 24 days since I started this challenge!! Time seriously flies the older you get. I have so many good things to discuss that came from this challenge. But first, I wanted to share with you an example of the workouts I followed during the past 24 days.

I did a mixture of group classes at Lifetime Fitness, at home workouts with Tone It Up & Nike App, and running at White Rock Lake & Katy Trail. My goal was to work out at least 5 days a week, and I accomplished this goal. I prefer working out in the mornings because by the end of the day I’m exhausted. So it just works. Plus, my day starts on such a positive note whenever I do get my workout in first thing!

Here is a list of every single workout I completed (the numbers correspond with the day of the month):

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24 Day Challenge: Week 2 Recap/Easter Weekend

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks and three days since I started this special 24-day challenge! Time sure does fly, even when you’re sober(ish)!

During week two, I stuck to my meal plan most days and worked out a total of 5 out of 7¬†days. While I haven’t seen a major loss¬†in¬†pounds (maybe 3-4), my clothes are a little less snug and I feel stronger overall.

For this weeks post, I wanted to share the meal plan (one week sample below) that I follow PLUS give a couple of tips on ways to stay full/ not hungry during this challenge.

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24 Day Challenge: Week 1 Recap/Big Taste of Fort Worth Recap

Week 1 is officially under my belt…&& it’s not as bad as you’d think, ya’ll!

In case you missed it, I started a 24 day challenge with a group of girls on April 1! After sticking with it for the past week or so, I can already feel a difference. My body has gotten stronger, I can run longer and my energy lasts until the evening. Working out first thing in the morning has been such a great way to start my day!

Before getting to work, I know that I have done something positive for myself and can focus on everyone else for the remainder of the day. It also helps set the tone for my eating habits. Why waste a hard workout by eating something unhealthy for my body?

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25 Things You Should Do By 25

This year I turned the big 2-5. I am officially a quarter of a century old – and I must say, it is a pretty sweet place to be! I love feeling not too young but not too old. I honestly wish I could stay at this age forever!

Before I blink and turn 26, I wanted to reflect on some of the best and worst experiences I have gone through so far. There’s seriously SO much that I want to share. Between lessons learned, trial and error, wins, losses…still MANY lessons remain.

But what is life without a little reflection along the way?! So here is my list of the 25 things I’m happy I experienced in the 25 years of my existence. Enjoy!

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