Established In The 90’s

Hi Beautiful! My name is Mary and I am the founder and creative director of The Candid Millennial. This blog was created to inspire, encourage and motivate millennial women in all areas of life.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, I am passionate about inspiring millennial women going through all walks of life in all parts of the world. My goal is to use this blog to share experiences and outfits through a transparent lens from a very raw and genuine perspective.

After learning about the negative stereotypes that millennials are labeled with, I decided to address these issues head-on through writing content about life as a millennial.

In fall of 2017, TCM expanded it’s content to include fashion. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing that most fashion bloggers are gorgeous yet very slender women, I saw a gap in the industry. What about the women who have shorter legs, a shorter torso and little more junk in the trunk?

Today, each post has two main objectives: 1. to offer outfit ideas tailored to women who have an hourglass figure and 2. to display the life of a raw, real millennial woman. This includes balancing careers, side gigs, relationships, family, volunteering, travel, beauty, fitness and much more!

Join me as I share life as a millennial woman who has problems only millennials have… 😛 Laugh with me. Cry with me. Learn with me. Grow with me. Either way – let’s have some fun. And remember this: we get one life, never waste a second of it!

Please stay in touch by connecting with me via social here and leave comments on the pages or blog posts with your ideas, suggestions or feedback. I want this to be as beneficial as possible to those reading, but the only way I’ll know what you like is if you tell me! I seriously can’t WAIT to hear from you!