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Hey babe, & welcome to TCM! I am a millennial who is passionate about inspiring the modern woman in finding beauty in the booty! Aside from sharing outfits that flatter your gorgeous shape, I discuss career, travel, fitness, beauty, and much, much more!

Fashion philosophy.

I’ve struggled with finding clothes that flatter my figure my ENTIRE life! Sometimes my “usual” size is too small, and other times it’s too big. What’s even more challenging is finding a dress that fits me all the way around

After learning I wasn’t the only woman who faces this challenge, I wanted to do something about it. My goal with TCM is to take the guesswork out of shopping for clothes and eliminate disappointment after trying on clothes at stores for HOURS and leaving with nothing. I genuinely want to help YOU ladies who also struggle with finding cute outfits that flatter our beautiful bodies.

Stay tuned and subscribe for more outfit inspo. I love you all so so much and never forget how beautiful you are!

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Anxiety & Loving Yourself


It first hit me when I sat down in my assigned seat at my college graduation ceremony. Bright lights, thousands of people, sweaty palms and a thousand words a minute running through my mind.

I ran to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and wasn’t sure who was looking back at me. I was sick, anxious, unsure of what was next.

Then it happened again. On set, at my first job, filming a car dealership commercial. After realizing it wasn’t going to go away, I sought out help and learned what I was going through was “normal”.

It disappeared for a while, leaving me alone for a few seasons. But then it made it’s way back. And this time it was bigger, stronger than before.

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Secrets The Vine, Cancun – Resort Review

Secrets The Vine, Cancun, Mexico

Last week, I was blessed with yet another tropical vacation to one of my favorite places to relax: Mexico. From Dallas, it’s an easy two-hour flight, making it a simple travel day typically resulting in champagne by 2PM. This was probably the tenth all-inclusive resort I’ve stayed at, so I’m pretty much a pro at making the most of this kind of resort!

Secrets The Vine is an adults only resort that has 3 pools, a large beach and seven restaurants to choose from. There are daily events such as mixology classes, wine tasting, dancing, water aerobics, yoga, tabata, cooking classes & more.

The beach has several water sports you can take advantage of like parasailing or jet skiing. There are also plenty of chairs and umbrellas to lay on the beach if you prefer. I always stay by the pool but will make my way down to the beach a few times throughout the day to swim in the waves!

The wi-fi is FREE (hence my constant Insta updates) and the rooms include an iPad type device that you can order room service on, check out the daily events, and much more. This hotel is truly top-notch, boasts modern design and makes it very easy for incredibly busy people to relax with convenience and incredible service.

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