Fall Fashion On A Budget That Every Millennial Can Afford

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The tricky part about being a millennial is constantly being exposed to people’s lavish lifestyles via their instagram feeds and feeling some sort of FOMO around “why can’t I have that” or “why can’t I look like that” or “what’s his secret?”… I say NO more. Here are some ideas on how to rock fall fashion this year on a millennial budget!

Nothing gets me more excited than finding cute clothes that don’t equal a weeks or months worth of salary. Well, let me take that back. Yes! I like finding good deals and sharing them with everyone I can think of. But I get even MORE excited whenever I meet super cool motivated millennials who take their dreams and make them a reality. This fall fashion focused post was created in collaboration with a dear friend slash phenomenal photographer – Gernelle Nelson. Here’s a quick story about our collaboration:

It was a Sunday afternoon whenever I met Gernelle at her photography studio for the first time in downtown Plano. I brought about a dozen pieces of clothing with no clue which items I wanted to wear. Gernelle helped me pick the top 3 outfit choices and we went to work! She helped me feel at ease and did a really great job at getting me in the perfect poses. We took shots both inside her studio and outside on the historic streets of downtown Plano. I don’t think I’m a natural at getting my photos taken, but she is the first photographer that has truly made me feel like she could take my photos to the next level. The proof is below!

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#Winning On Instagram – Secrets To Increasing Your Engagement


Currently, the social media channel that consumes half of my free time is Instagram with Snapchat just barely coming in second. But I’ve found that keeping up with the most recent social media channels can be almost as challenging as herding cats. To avoid making yourself or your business look like an amateur on Instagram, I put together a list of my favorite tips that can help you become an Instagram pro!

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Prepless Porcelain Veneers: My Journey

Last week I completed the process of getting prepless porcelain veneers on my front four teeth. I am actually pretty excited to share my porcelain veneer journey, although some people might think “oh my gosh why is she telling the world she had work done?!!?!” but in all honesty, I’ve been an open book about many things and I don’t plan on closing the book anytime soon. I did a TON of research before moving forward with the procedure, and thanks to many of my fellow YouTubers, I felt much more prepared and confident in moving forward. If I can help just one person make a more educated decision, I have accomplished what I came here to do. Please keep negative comments to yourself and let me know if you have any questions about the process! I’m happy to help!

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What Millennials Want From The Workplace: 6 Things We Desire


NERD ALERT: I subscribe to the Entrepreneur.com emails because I aspire to one day be successful on my own after starting my own business…in the mean time, I enjoy reading up and performing research on the different/random aspects of business. One area that I’m drawn to is hiring and maintaining strong and loyal talent. If I want my own business one day, I’m going to need key people to help me get sh*t done. In the process, I’m going to need to be aware of what these key people need in order to remain both successful and happy.

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Balayage Blonde Gone Wrong

Balayage Gone Wrong

So I promise I will do more career and marketing related posts ASAP, but I’ve been wanting to write a post about my CRAZY hair experience over the past 6 months as I aspired to achieve the “perfect” balayage or ombre look and fell short[ish] of this goal. I hope this post is insightful and helpful to any ladies out there like me wanting to go out and spend their hard earned doll hairs $$$$ on this popular hair style, and hopefully this will also help you avoid getting into a mess!

**Disclaimer: this post will include many selfies of which I am not ashamed because A) they are needed to show the progression of the color and B) without them I would not have a case to present!

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The FabFitFun Box: Is It Worth It?!

During the commercial break of Bachelor In Paradise…while scrolling through your newsfeed, did you notice any FabFitFun ads? Ever wonder what all the rage is about? Well…I caved and decided to subscribe to this mysterious yet intriguing beauty and fitness box. And I actually love it. Watch my review below and let me know what you think of this addictive subscription box <3

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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The Latest: Dating Apps – Do They Work?

This is John and I in Mexico back in March. I met him on Hinge. I love him very much. && Yes, Hinge is a dating app. Our two year anniversary is coming up this July 2017!

If you missed the latest on the vlog, see below for more on my thoughts on dating online as a millennial:

It’s taken me a lot of thought, revisions and NERVE to post this next blog/vlog -oooh girl [or boy] I’m starting a conversation about dating apps! Before I go any further, please know that I understand online dating is NOT for everyone. I actually wasn’t an advocate for it until I tried it. My goal is not to tell you that you MUST try online dating if you are single. I simply want to share a pretty cool experience around the cultural phenomenon of dating apps that completely changed my attitude towards dating in your twenties. Join me in this conversation…I want to know your thoughts and experiences!

Modern Dating With A Traditional Mindset

Let me start by this: I actually have pretty traditional views on dating and have always felt opposed to online dating apps… especially for young people. Here’s why: if you are living close to the place you grew up (like me), you probably find that you have a variety of groups of friends from either high school, college, family or work. I regularly do social things like attending networking events, going to happy hours and going out on weekends with my friends. In many ways, I consider myself a pretty stereo-typical twenty-something year old girl. I’m driven to succeed but I also want to have as much fun as possible along the way (especially B.C. – before children YIKES). I also tend to be the first one to break the ice when I find myself around a new group of people. All of these things made me think that I was not a candidate for dating online.

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bareMinerals Last Chance Sale: 4 Products Under $50


If you know me, you probably know how big of a sucker I am for a good sale. Whether it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on products for the upcoming season or a sale on “last chance” AKA clearance items, I’m always on the hunt for a deal. Last weekend, I received an email from bareMinerals about a sale they were having on all “last chance” items in their inventory.

I don’t consider myself a huge make up junkie, but I do love make up that is quality but also not harmful to your skin. I’ve been using the bareMinerals powder foundation on my face for about ten years now and it’s the only foundation I trust. I’ve tried others that offer more coverage with a more “finished” look, but they weren’t a good fit for me. With bareMinerals, I don’t have to worry about breaking out, I can sleep in it if I forget to wash my face at night and this product line simply does not irritate my skin. It also gives me a more natural, youthful look – which I love! So low and behold, when I got the email about a sale, I had to look and see if I was in luck. And that I was! I found four products for under $50 that I now truly love!

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Christy Jean Jewelry Is The Next Kendra Scott – But For A Cause


Alright ladies (and man friends of ladies who gift them)…I’ve been working on this for the past two months and am SO excited to finally release this blog post. Most likely you’re seeing this because we’re connected on social media, therefore you probably have seen me post about a new jewelry line I’m constantly talking about: Christy Jean. The reason I’m so excited about this is because I finally found a jewelry line that not only fits my style and my needs, but I know it will fit the needs of everyone I know… whether we’re friends, coworkers, friends of friends, family, or just basically anyone. Here’s why:

A) the pieces don’t look EXACTLY like every other basic jewelry line out there // it is unique

B) despite A, it DOES follow the latest trends i.e. tassles, drusy embellished rings, earrings and necklaces, chokers and much more…

C) it’s for a cause: a portion of proceeds go to charity (list of charities here)

D) it was created by an outstanding woman from Plano who decided to follow her dream and create her own line of jewelry

E) it’s affordable – can I get a “FINALLY!!”

F) before I run out of letters in the alphabet…. it is quality jewelry as many pieces are either dipped in gold or sterling silver

Before I continue, I think it’s important to know the story behind how I met the creator and founder of the line, Jeannie Barsam and how we began our partnership. I am young in my career and am always interested in meeting new people through networking. A coworker of mine, Gernelle Nelson, started her own blog and photography business and to jump start her business and contacts, she attended a networking group in North Dallas called Dallas Women Entrepreneurs. One day she was nice enough to ask me to join her. Not sure how I could contribute to this meetup considering I didn’t have my own business, I said “yes I’ll go!” in hopes I’d figure it out! And that I did.

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